Friday, May 9, 2008

Editor's Note

So I took some time off to get my life together and some of you fruits have responded with anger. Take it easy. I'm fragile right now. Buzz Bissinger forced me to take a long, hard look at myself in the mirror. What I have come to realize is that although I have a big nose, I'd still fuck me.

The time off hasn't really helped much. I have already swung and missed (twice) and struck out (twice) more in one game than I did all of last season. I got a job working for a J.T. Marlin-like company and when I realized that this place was nothing more than a chop shop sports marketing firm, I began replacing the requisite business professional attire with my newly acquired Stone Cold Steve Austin vest, only no one seemed to care. They thought I was the best best employee ever. What they failed to realize was that I was simply showing up at work to make a complete mockery of everyone in the "office." I also tried to fuck my "boss" and to my surprise, she didn't seem to mind my advances. I didn't get the job done, but hey I tried. Anyway, I'm really going to try bring CPC back to relevancy. When A Tasty Pint is posting more frequently than you are, you have some serious problems.


Chapter H said...

Damn, that Bissinger Vs. Leitch should make you reflect on your life. I didn't know pieces of shit like you (the ones I eat for breakfast) are even on the worlds radar. Now that your obscene comical sports blog could one day be discussed or possibly read by someone who might have played a sport, you should write more often.

For us reader(s), we demand more. Did the author of Wing N Haters get a job?! Why is that blog sucking so hard?

Red Dastard said...

Listen Buffalo Bill,

First of all, I wouldn't fuck me (despite how much I love gingers) because I'm not a homo. Second, I didn't even cook my hot pocket, I just took it out of the freezer and let it thaw. Third, you and Leitch are both full of shit.

-Big Buzz Tweed

a Tasty Pint said...

listen, the pint posts when it feels like it. it is not easy being the web's #1 source for crappy writing and inane ideas.

i look forward to seeing anytimedh on costas now defending not only his sports opinions, but other classics like the eskimo tip.

john said...

wtf, you and the dastard need to get on it.

CH said...