Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lunch Break? If Break Means That I'm Not Coming Back, Then Sure

KC Royals (Bannister) @ Detroit Tigers (Rogers) - Top 5th : No score through four innings. Kenny Rogers has only given up one hit while the Tigers have managed to collect only two hits off of Brian Bannister.

* Milwaukee Brewers (Suppan) @ Chicago Cubs (Lilly) - 2:20 pm : Some overpriced pitchers for your liking, but even better is Suppan batting 8th in front of Jason Kendall. Is Tony LaRussa managing the Brewers? Oh no, Jason Kendall is just fucking terrible. And we also have a Gabe Kapler sighting. I want to believe that the Brewers can win the NL Central, but with Gabe Kapler playing center, that seems doubtful. Why Mike Cameron? I know you have Adult ADD, but why must you snort Adderall.

* UEFA Champions League Soccer Quarterfinal: Arsenal vs. Liverpool - 2:30 pm : Tommy Smyth, "Ya-di-di-di-dee."

* Boston Red Sox (Lester) @ Oakland Athletics (Harden) - 3:05 pm : The first three games these teams have played have all been entertaining. Harden and Lester met last week in Japan, a 5-1 A's win. Harden went six innings, giving up only three hits, one being a Manny Ramirez solo home run, and striking out nine. John Lester had cancer. But he's aight now.

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