Thursday, January 24, 2008

Only 3 Weeks - 21 Days Till...

Pitchers and Catchers Report.

Meanwhile, the Joker danced with the Devil for real and Gibril and the G-Men are playing the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Here's some stuff to do instead of - or in between watching the Australian Open, old Fresh Prince episodes, and Super Bowl XXXII (or in my case XXV over and over again) highlights...

* This shtuff from Kissing Suzy Kolber is hitlarjewous.

- 16-0..."Why don’t you go snort some cocaine and drive your car into a telephone pole, you stupid daaaaaa-kie!"

- 17-0..."So fack you, Jagwuhs. Or Jagwiuhs. Or whatever kinda fackin' jungle animal you ahhhh!"

- Super Bowl..."Tommy Brady's droppin tha Hulk Hogan big boot..."

* Go Here ( and search for "Carl" or "I'm pissed."

* My boy over at A Tasty Pint has something for all you Cabbagetown Crack Whore lovin' hipsters.

* Ever wonder another name for the E-Brake or Handbrake Turn?

* And here are two videos my sponsor Cadillac has donated for all my thugsta's out there...

"True to the gizzame, stopped in the projects - sold a half an ounce of cocaine. Hit interstate ten, to Texas. Listening to DJ Screw just raised the Lexus. Called up Pimp C..."

"Country Ass Boy. Country like LeAnn Rimes. Mississippi David Banner and Lil Weezyana."

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