Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

In case you were wondering how long till Tiger pwn3s the field, Greg Norman throws up a Sunday 78, and Jim Nantz waxes poetic about the blooms on the dogwoods and azaleas, here you go.

"Just when you think you can't wait any longer, you can, and UCONN" join Gary McCord as a patron in Augusta. Unless you are a woman. In that case, GET OUT! I am talking to you Michelle Wie. Go visit Colt Brennan in the hospital. Or better yet, go join Martha Burk on the picket line. Sometimes Hootie Johnson is crazy and you wonder why. He's such a baby cause the Dolphins make him cry. Well, there's nothing he can do...He only wants to be with you. You can call him your fool. Only wants to be with you.


Red Dastard said...

Chicken Wings & Haters

the cousin salvatore said...

Tiger is so unreal that there is no comment good enough to explain how ridiculous his game is... speaking of ridiculous at 942 pm in oswego, ny i find myself watching the cavs trail blazers NBA game because i am a sports junky with nothing better to do.I hate the NBA cause the Knicks are shit... i must admit that i play fantasy though, only because there's no dominican winter league yahoo fantasy option.Any-who i came to realize why i hate the NBA when these shitty announcers decided to stop talking about the player not even in the game ( Greg Oden) and start knocking jarrett jack, georgia tech grad for his defense following a play where the king made one of the luckiest cross court, turn-around , over-the - head ,2 handed pass, through a double team from one corner to the opposite wing that i have ever seen. Daniel Gibson knocked down the triple. Anyone knows that while playing Zone D and the ball is more then 2 passes away aka when the balls trapped in the opposite corner that the defender farthest from the ball have 2 feet in the lane. The announcer stated that jack was in "no mans land". last i checked there's a whole bunch of "mans" in the lane in a god dam basketball game. go to hell NBA and your crap announcers.. never thought i come to the day where i sit here wishing i could hear suzyn waldmans raspy old trucker hoe voice

DH said...

Speaking of Zone defenses...we here at Candy Painted Cadillacs love playing the 2-3, but offensively I can only pray to see the other team playing a 1-3-1 flex D. That way we can run Reggie Miller baseline cuts while a big man flashes to the elbow. Or we can just backdoor you all day long. We Ball.