Friday, February 22, 2008

Dean Palmer is Pissed...Dicen Queso to Your Baseball Roundup

Juan: "Dicen Queso."
Rafael: [waving finger angrily] "I have never used an electric razor, period!"
Jose: [blink] "Has anyone [blink] seen hat?"
Pudge: "En una tarjeta de beisbol, realmente?
Jose: "Where th...e fuck is [blink] hat? Raaaaaaaarrrrr."
Juan: "Cuarenta cuadrangulares esta temporada."
Rafael: "Hurry up and take the picture. Mi B-Doce tiene frio"
Pudge: "Me encanta a tipos."
Jose: "Even [blink] Dean Palmer will hit 30 homers th..this year [blink] thanks to Hurry the fuck up chico."
Kenny Rogers: [attacking cameraman] "Take the picture already or else I'll break every fucking camera you have."

Here is some baseball stuff that happened recently...

* A little late on this, but my boy Brandon Phillips signed a four-year $27 million deal with the Reds. I love Brandon Phillips. He is already one of the top three or four 2B in all of the game. He plays hard, hits for power and average, has great speed, and can damn well flash the leather. Hopefully he can cut down on his K's this year and improve his K/BB ratio and his OBP.

* Based on on 2008 Projections Robbie Cano is due for another solid season, both offensive and defensively.

* Kyle Kendrick was traded to the Yomiuri Giants in exchange for Kobayashi or so he thought.

* Kevin Millar is still a joker. The self-proclaimed mentally challenged 1B/OF/DH predicts the Orioles will win the World Series. Just keep OF Adam Jones out of the D.C. strip clubs, will ya.

* Gary Sheffield wants to strangle Scott Boras claiming, "I shouldn't have ever introduced myself to him. Period. Bad person."

* Manny Ramirez actually speaks English and wants to stay with the Red Sox after this season. The Sox have team options for 2009 and 2010 at $20 million per season.

* Prince Fielder has stopped eating steaks. "I really do love meat," he said. "I just had to think about whether I really wanted to keep eating it or not. Since I started [to stop eating steak], I feel amazing. When I wake up, I'm up. I'm not lying around anymore." So no more trips to Mickey D's with Dad? Oh, you hate your father? He lives in a cardboard box now? That's right. Well, there's always the memories.

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Red Dastard said...

English-speaking people say "cheese" because it shows off your teeth when getting picture taken. "Queso" doesn't. Latinos say "chihuahua" or "Chi Chi Rodriguez".